Tree of Life

Tree of Life – Report

Concept: Recycle and Upcycle;
Facilitators: Elena Gabri, Pedro Carapeto;
Place: Jugendfunkhaus;
Dates: 16th November, 23th November,1st December,5th December,8th December;
Target Group: Kids from the Welcome Class School from 11 to 16 years old;
List of Material: Trash, Trash Bins, Plastic Bags, Water Colour, Paper, Plastic gloves, Glue, Glue Pistol, Colour pencils, Pens, Plastic case, Scissors;
Money Cost: Around 200 €;
Phases of the Process:
1- Ice breaking game, Knowing each other;
2- Exploring the concepts of recycling and upcycling, Brainstorming;
3- Creative games with trash and colours;
4- Reuse Trash for creating decoration;
5- Building the tree of life;
6- Final Presentation;
7- Closing Reflection.
Positive Points: Good behaviour of the kids, good communication with Teacher, Interest and autonomy from the kids, Experience Leadership, learn how to build stuff;
Negative Points: Language Gap, Final Presentation (lack of coordination with the other workshops), the kids didn’t do the homework (collect trash);
What to Improve: Organise a better final event, coordinate more the kids during the breaks.
Description for the Website:
“Tree of life” was an idea born during our EVS experience in Jugendfunkhaus.
The aim of the project was to provide to young refugees tools and knowledge about environment, recycling, upcycling and sustainable behaviour. An informal and creative process trough art where the students learned the German rules of recycling. Everything was connected with sustainable ways of living in our society.
The Project lasted 4 weeks (from 16th November 2017 to 8th December 2017) and took place in Jugendfunkhaus.
In each workshop we planned different activities like Ice breaking games, recycling games, upcycling workshop, collective drawing and sculpture…
In the end we organised an open final exhibition where the kids could see some pictures of the creative process.
Nina and Pedro